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You Never Know. That’s Why You Go…

Going to estate sales is a great way to find home furnishings, appliances, kitchenware, garden tools, camping gear and all sorts of other things at unbelievably good prices. It’s a smart, prudent way to shop. Less practically, yet way more fun, estate sales are an entertaining adventure to discover rare and unique things you never even knew existed, as well as things from your childhood you had forgotten all about and now, suddenly, you must have again.

A case in point. At our last sale, one customer came bouncing back upstairs with an ornament of glass grapes. She was ecstatic. She explained that they were a very common article back in the 60’s, made and sold by the Relief Society for the benefit of the LDS Church. Everyone had them back then, she said, and they immediately took her back to her childhood. She went on to say she is now a teacher of a culinary arts class. This bunch of grapes was going to be the centerpiece of her class’s dining table. It made everyone smile to see her so happy.

Every sale has stories like this. There are always gems to be uncovered and customers leaving with something they never imagined they would find. It is what makes estate sales such a fun date. Even if you come alone. Click here to sign up for notification of all our upcoming sales. We look forward to seeing you at a White Hat Estate Sale soon.

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