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Three Steps to a Successful Estate Sale

If you frequent estate sales in the Salt Lake City area you know there is great disparity in the way sales are presented. Some estate sales are little more than glorified garage sales, while other sales are squeaky clean, clearly and fairly priced, and highly organized, making them much more enjoyable to attend.

White Hat Estate Sales is built on the idea that an estate sale should be a respectful, boutique like shopping experience, one that doesn't leave you wanting to wash your hands before you get back in your car. There is a tried and true, three step formula for making that happen and we stick to that formula at every one of our sales.

Step one is "deconstructing" the home. Literally everything gets pulled out of drawers, closets, cabinets and every other nook and cranny in the house to be washed, cleaned and sorted. Step two is "staging" all those clean and organized items in a manner that makes it easy and fun to shop. Finally, step three is "pricing" every single item at fair market value. That's a big deal. We want to honor our client and our customers so we are diligent when it comes to pricing.

Once all three steps have been completed, then, and only then, is the home ready to host a proper estate sale! It's a ton of work to do it right but that's the only way we will do it. Our customers and our clients consistently compliment our effort, and that makes it worth all the work.

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