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Gems In The Junk Drawer...

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

What makes an estate sale profitable? You’d be surprised. People often assume furniture is what makes or breaks a sale. Lots of furniture means lots of money, right? Everything in the home contributes to the bottom line, but when it’s all said and done the determining factor between a good sale and a great one is oftentimes all those gems in the junk drawer.

Those innocuous items under the kitchen sink, in the back yard shed, on the laundry room shelves, in the corner of the garage, they all add up. The revenue from myriad random items throughout the house can be what makes your check at the end of the sale a pleasant surprise.

So, don’t throw anything away prior to your estate sale! Let your estate sale professional sort through it all and salvage what’s valuable to the many different types of estate sale shoppers who might show up at your sale. Housekeepers looking for cleaning supplies, dad’s looking for bicycle tire tubes, moms looking for random toys, books or storage containers, millennial thrift shoppers looking for vintage clothing. They might all show up and they probably won’t be looking for furniture.

Of course, furniture shoppers will show up to. Newlyweds wanting to furnish their new place, parents outfitting a college dorm, landlords looking to upgrade a rental, resellers looking for unique, sought-after items that are often only found hiding among the treasures at an estate sale. Everyone is looking for something, or maybe they are looking for something to find them. Either way, an estate sale professional knows how to present it all to get you top dollar. After all, that’s why you hired them.

At the end of a well-managed estate sale, everyone is happy. The shoppers found their treasures, the client’s possessions found new homes, the home itself is empty and clean for whatever comes next, and all those gems in the junk drawer were turned into a fair return to do with as the client sees fit. Perfect.

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