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Early Birds and Bargain Hunters...

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Estate Sales are an awesome way to find unique treasures and amazing bargains on anything you can imagine. And even some things you can’t imagine! You’ll be amazed at what you find at estate sales. If you’ve never attended an estate sale, you should.

There are two popular strategies among estate sale aficionados. The first is the “early bird” strategy. Go early, stand in line, and be one of the first patrons through the door. This strategy affords you first dibs on whatever treasures are at a particular sale. It may be a specific item you saw advertised as part of that sale or something you never dreamed you had to have, that is, until you see it! It happens all the time, and is what makes estate sale shopping so addicting.

The second strategy is the “best bargain ever” strategy. These estate sale enthusiasts deliberately come on the last day of the sale when everything is half price (or even less) as the estate sale company endeavors to empty the house by the end of the day. Some truly amazing deals can be negotiated as everyone works toward finding all the items a new, happy home.

So, whether you’re a seasoned estate sale pro or a newbie, estate sales are a fun date, by yourself or with a friend. Every sale is unique and there are always amazing finds. But be forewarned, if

you go to one estate sale, you might get hooked.

We hope to see you at this week’s sale.

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