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Are All Estate Sale Companies the Same?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The short answer is, absolutely not! There are many estate sale companies in the Salt Lake City area, and they vary quite a bit in their staging and presentation abilities, the number of days they allocate to preparing a home for a sale and the level of customer service they provide during the sale. When it's all said and done these factors can significantly impact your bottom line. But the end of the sale is not when you want to realize you picked the wrong estate sale company.

The thing is, most folks will only use an estate sale company once, maybe twice, in their lifetime. So, unless you frequent local estate sales yourself, or know someone who does, how can you ascertain which companies in your area will do a good job? Who will create an inviting retail experience for the customers, thereby maximizing your proceeds, and who will simply churn your sale out in a matter of a few days in what becomes little more than a glorified garage sale.

The following tips will help you screen prospective estate sale companies so your estate sale can be as smooth and profitable as possible…

1) Interview two or three prospective estate sale companies for comparison.
2) Ask how many days they will dedicate to preparing your home for the sale.
3) Ask if a price tag will be placed on each item, no matter how small. It matters!
4) Ask for professional references such as Realtors and Trust Agents.
5) Ask how many crew members will be there to assist during your sale.
6) Ask if they will leave the home completely empty and broom clean after the sale.
7) Ask how many days it takes to receive your final paperwork and proceeds check.

These tips will go a long way to helping you separate the professionals from the pretenders. After you gather your information, follow your gut. When it comes to choosing an estate sale company the people you hire are as important as the process. It’s hard to let go of a lifetime of possessions and the memories attached to them, whether it’s due to death, divorce, a move to assisted living or relocating to a new city. You deserve to have it done professionally and ethically and selecting the right company for the job can make all the difference.

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