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Who We Are: Meet the Team

We are a family business comprised of hard-working professionals and a dedicated support team. We love what we do and it shows. We have over twenty years of experience in estate sales management and we pride ourselves on our reputation of expert staging, friendly and efficient sales and fiscal transparency.

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Nicholle’s background is in television advertising. She spent years in the corporate culture of marketing and business but always yearned to do something more personal, more important. Being of service to others as they transition from one phase of life to the next seemed like a perfect fit, so when the opportunity presented itself, she took it. Nicholle enjoys helping clients navigate what can be a difficult endeavor by providing them peace of mind through her attention to detail in every aspect or organizing and facilitating their estate sale needs. When she’s not at work she can usually be found on one of the many local hiking trails with her goldendoodle, Honey, who is the official White Hat Estate Sales Director of Barketing.

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Alan also has a passion for helping others. He spent the better part of the past two decades serving as an executive for three esteemed life skills academies, guiding men and women out of addiction and through the hard work of personal redemption and reinvention to become law abiding, contributing members of their communities. Alan's logistical and managerial acumen and his “drill sergeant” persona make him a natural at coordinating every estate sale or clean-out the White Hat team takes on. Alan has a soft, relaxed side too and can often be found at the local yoga studio. But don’t tell anyone. It might dilute his hard-edged, can-do image.

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Beverly is the official estate sales guru on the team. The founder of a successful and highly regarded estate sale company in Albuquerque for over twenty years, she sold the company and retired only to miss the business more than she ever imagined. That’s when Beverly approached Nicholle and Alan with the idea of starting a “quality over quantity” estate sale company in Salt Lake City. Just like that, White Hat Estate Sales was born. Beverly's extensive experience and high standards are what helped to set White Hat apart from the competition from the very beginning. The rest, as they say, is history.   

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