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Initial Consultation


Every potential sale begins with a consultation, preferably in person at the property. If you aren't local, no worries, we will work with your Realtor, Trust Officer or whomever and however makes you most comfortable. Once we have previewed the property, we will discuss your objectives and go over our services and fees to determine whether or not we are a good fit for the job. If we are, we will prepare a contract for your signature with everything clearly spelled out for you. Our aim is to accommodate your desires and objectives in a timely fashion, with no surprises. Our livelihood depends on your satisfaction. We never forget that. Click here for a free consultation


Marketing and Promotion


Once we've decided on the dates to host your estate sale we will begin the process of marketing the event. We will take and post pictures of a wide variety of your items, highlighting unique treasures, collectables and "hot" items across various social media and advertising platforms to pique interest and generate traffic. We will also promote your sale with our large and loyal customer base. We will determine the fair market value for all your possessions and use our knowledge of historical value, current market trends and our network of experts to help ensure that we price, market and sell the items at the highest possible price. Our multi-faceted marketing approach means we reach a varied cross section of shoppers and enthusiasts. Our customer target audience for your sale will include collectors, dealers, savvy shoppers, new homeowners and estate sale aficionados. We work hard to make buyers in every possible niche aware of your sale. Waiting lines to get in our sales are not uncommon.


Expert Staging


One of the most important aspects of any estate sale is “staging” the home. How items are presented and displayed, how traffic is gently influenced through the rooms, having every item tagged and priced, it all matters. It can make the difference between having an okay sale or a great sale. We understand the intricacies of presentation and staging and know how to create an engaging environment regardless of whether a home is big or small, old or new, in town or in the country. Staging makes all the difference at an estate sale, and we're really good at it.


Professionally Conducted Sale


After many days of hard work and preparation, we are ready for the fun part! Our team shows up bright eyed and ready to go on each day of your sale. We are everywhere, in brightly colored staff shirts, greeting customers, answering questions, directing traffic and assisting in any way we can to make the sale an enjoyable experience for everyone. We have a large staff present during all of our sales because we know from experience that increases revenue, prevents theft and ensures the best outcomes in every regard. When we are finished packing up after the sale the home will be left completely empty, swept and vacuumed. You won't have to lift a finger. It will be "Realtor Ready" for whatever comes next. Not all estate sale companies do that. Finally, we will issue a Settlement Statement and your proceeds check within seven business days after the sale.

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